Alpha Plus and Other Accused of $40 Million Fraud

The Securities and Exchange Commissioner (SEC) charged Joseph Cammarata (CRD 2469569), a financial broker formerly with Traderfield Securities, with stealing at least $40 million.  Erik Cohen, David Punturieri, and two entities, Alpha Plus Portfolio Recovery Corp. and Alpha Plus Recovery LLC (“AlphaPlus”), have also been charged in connection with the scheme.  Claims Aggregator for Investment […]

UCB Financial and Lina Maria Garcia Charged In Cherry Picking Scheme

The Securities and Exchange Commissioner (SEC) has charged another investment advisor in connection with a cherry-picking scheme.  Lina Maria Garcia (CRD#: 4447599), a broker and financial investment advisor formerly with Insigneo Securities and UCB Financial Advisers, has been charged for her alleged role in the scheme.  A cherry-picking fraud scheme entails investment managers allocating profitable and […]

SEC Charges TCFG Investment Advisors with Making False Statements to Investors

The Securities and Exchange Commission recently filed a complaint against TCFG Investment Advisor, TCFG Wealth Management and Richard James Roberts. Here are some facts according to the complaint: From June 2014 through April 2020 is the relevant time period in the Complaint. The complaint alleges that Roberts mislead clients about the fees and mark-ups that […]

SEC Files Complaint Against RAM Fund and Carter Bain Wealth

The SEC recently filed a complaint against RAM Fund, Carter Bain Wealth and Martin Ruiz. Here is a summary of the allegations: Ruiz induced investors to invest $10.6 million in RAM Fund based on promises that it would be used to acquire real estate. RAM did not use investor funds to purchase real estate. Instead, […]