Aubrey Lee Involved in Variable Annuity Dispute


Aubrey Lee (CRD# 1685532), a broker registered with Merrill Lynch, recommended unsuitable variable annuity investments, according to an investor dispute. MDF Law is investigating the Farmington Hills, Ohio-based financial professional for similar conduct. We urge investors with concerns to call us immediately for a free consultation.  This post contains details about the allegations against Mr. […]

Tyler Camp Allegedly Misrepresented Variable Annuity


Tyler Camp (CRD# 6002124), a broker registered with MML Investors Services, misrepresented a variable annuity investment, according to a dispute contained on his Financial Industry Regulatory  Authority (FINRA) BrokerCheck profile. MDF Law is conducting an investigation of the Hoover, Alabama-based broker for similar conduct. If you have a complaint about Mr. Camp, who operates under […]

Josh Baker: Variable Annuity Dispute Seeks $5 Million


Josh Baker (CRD# 5230762), a broker registered with MML Investors Services, allegedly engaged in conduct that led to 7-figure damages, according to Financial Industry Regulatory Authority records viewed on October 24, 2023. MDF Law is currently investigating the Hoover, Alabama broker for allegations of misconduct. Investors should contact us if they have concerns. As his […]

Paris Lewis Involved in Variable Annuity Dispute

Paris Lewis (CRD# 2335964), formerly a broker registered with NYLife Securities, is involved in an investor dispute stemming from a variable annuity investment. MDF Law is currently investigating allegations of misconduct against the former Downers Grove, Illinois financial professional. Investors who lost money should contact us immediately. Details about his alleged actions are available in […]

Yudi Rosenzweig Involved in 6-Figure Annuity Dispute

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Yudi Rosenzweig (CRD# 4110421), a broker registered with MML Investors Services, is involved in an investor dispute seeking six-figure damages. MDF Law is investigating the Southfield, Michigan-based financial professional for conduct similar to that alleged in the dispute, which can be found in his BrokerCheck profile: a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) record accessed on […]

Copper Financial Advisor Ron Yount Involved in $800,000 Dispute

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Ron Yount (CRD# 4815981) is involved in a pending customer complaint alleging he misrepresented an annuity investment. According to his Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) BrokerCheck report, last accessed on December 17, 2021, Mr. Yount is currently registered with Copper Financial in Kansas City, Missouri. Investor: Ron Young Misrepresented Unsuitable Variable Annuity FINRA records list one […]

Understanding Annuity Death Benefits


Annuity death benefits are not guaranteed. It depends on how the annuity’s payout phase is structured. From a tax perspective, annuities might not be the best option for your beneficiaries.