Settlements Reached in Complaints Involving Discipline Advisors Joe Minchaletz

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Joe Minchaletz (CRD 1327534) of Discipline Advisors has been involved in multiple customer settlements. This is according to his BrokerCheck report accessed on January 11, 2022.

Nine Reported Customer Settlements Involving Minchaletz Since 2019

According to records released by FINRA, Joseph Minchaletz has been involved in nine customer settlements since 2019. Many of the public comments associated with the complaints involving Michaletz mention that the settlements were paid to resolve cases involving risky private placements, including those issued by GPB Capital. Here is a summary of the settlements involving Discipline Advisors:

DateSettlement Paid to Customer
December 4, 2019$183,964.53
January 17, 2020$144,314.05
January 28, 2020$43,403.90
May 29, 2020$13,315.13
June 23, 2020$18,601.06
June 23, 2020$24,139.81
July 2, 2020$152,000.00
July 2, 2020$55,000.00
July 17, 2020$12,261.51

Discipline Advisors and Minchaletz Licensed with DAI Securities

Joe Minchaletz is the president and CEO of Discipline Advisors, an SEC registered investment advisor. He is licensed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, or FINRA through DAI Securities. Joe Minchaletz is based in Mankota, Minnesota.

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