Investment Losses and Taxes: What Investors Need to Know for 2022


Monday April 18, 2022 is right around the corner and many investors are considering how to treat their 2021 investment losses, especially from ponzi schemes, for tax purposes.  The following is an educational reference, which should not take the place of professional advice. Investment Losses Caused by Ponzi Schemes Fortunately, the tax code does provide […]

Denny Bhakta Charged by SEC with Operating Ponzi Scheme

Red Flag of Danger

Denny Bhakta has been arrested and charged with running a ponzi scheme that raised more than $15 million from more than 40 victims.  Through his companies Fusion Hotel Management and Fusion Hospitality Corporation, Bhakta is accused of raising money from investors by telling them that, through connections in the industry, he was able to purchase […]