Customer: Robeson Hilton Recommended Unsuitable Annuity


Robeson Hilton (CRD# 6422649), a broker registered with Equitable Advisors, is involved in a six-figure investor dispute, according to his BrokerCheck report. Published by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and accessed on July 11, 2023, this record notes that he is a financial professional based in Woodbury, New York.

Pending Annuity Dispute Seeks $550,000

On June 21, 2023, an investor lodged a dispute alleging that Mr. Hilton recommended an unsuitable variable annuity product. The dispute, which remains pending, seeks $550,000 in damages.

Brokers Must Recommend Suitable Investments

The pending dispute involving Mr. Hilton alleges he made unsuitable recommendations, a fairly common form of investment fraud. FINRA Rule 2111 mandates that brokers must recommend investments that are aligned with — or suitable for— their clients’ profiles. It requires brokers to use reasonable diligence to ascertain the customer’s profile, which includes their investment experience, goals, income, age, investment horizon, tolerance for risk, and other factors. A highly complex and risky investment, for example, would likely be considered unsuitable for an inexperienced investor with a low tolerance for risk

What Are Variable Annuities?

Variable annuities are investment products similar to mutual funds. Unlike mutual funds, however, they offer a tax-deferred treatment of earnings, a death benefit, and payout options that can provide guaranteed income for the rest of an investor’s life.

A common investor complaint regarding variable annuity investments is that a broker failed to fully disclose various sales charges and fees associated with the product — for instance, a surrender charge. This is a sales fee incurred when investors withdraw money from the variable annuity within a certain period of time after the purchase, typically within six to eight years. Surrender charges are generally used to pay a commission to your broker or investment adviser, and they are generally a percentage of the amount withdrawn.

Brokers who fail to properly educate their customers about an annuity’s surrender charge may be subject to disciplinary action by FINRA or the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Robeson Hilton Based in Woodbury, New York

Mr. Hilton began his career as a broker in 2015, when he joined Equitable Advisors in Woodbury, New York. He has remained at the firm since. With eight years of experience as a broker, he has passed one state securities law exam and two general industry/products exams, and he is licensed in seven states.

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