CMG Capital Management Fined by SEC Over Fund Advertising


CMG Capital Management Group (CMG) was censured and fined $70,000 for failing to implement policies and procedures reasonably designed to prevent false or misleading advertisements concerning the firm’s investment strategies. 

SEC Complaint Against CMG Capital

Summary of SEC Allegations Regarding CMG

Here are the key details of the allegations:

  • CMG advertised hypothetical, backtested performance results for its CMG Opportunistic All Asset Strategy without disclosing discrepancies between the backtest and the live versions of the strategy.  The backtest and live strategy were distinct as they relied on different securities, and certain funds in the backtest were not adequately correlated to the securities that replaced it in the live strategy. 
  • CMG maintained policies requiring itself to comply with SEC rules regarding advertising.  However, CMG failed to implement procedures for advertisements of its backtested performance results to prevent the disclosure of any inaccurate or untrue statements.

Did You Lose Money Investing?

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