Triad Advisors Pays Fine and Restitution to Resolve FINRA Complaint


In December 2021, FINRA announced that it reached a settlement with Triad Advisors concerning it recommendation of the LJM Mutual Fund to customers. Here are the important details:

  • From September 2016 until February 2018, Triad failed to conduct reasonable due diligence into the risks and features of the LJM Fund.
  • Triad sold $2,267,000 in LJM to 58 customers.
  • The value of the LJM fund dropped 80% during a period of extreme market volatility in February 2018.
  • Triad Advisors agreed to a fine or $195,000 and was ordered to pay customer restitution of $510,256.57.

FINRA AWC with Triad Advisors

Did You Lose Money Investing with Triad Advisors?

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