Viqas Akhtar Allegedly Made Excessive, Unauthorized Trades

Viqas Akhtar (CRD# 5624412), a broker registered with B. Riley Wealth Management, made unauthorized and excessive trades, according to an investor dispute. MDF Law is investigating the Miami-based financial professional for similar conduct. Investors with concerns should contact us immediately for a free consultation. To learn more about the disputes involving Mr. Akhtar, continue reading […]

Troy Orlando Suspended over Excessive Trading Allegations


Troy Orlando (CRD# 6055474), formerly a broker registered with Craft Capital Management, recommended excessive, unsuitable transactions in a customer’s account, according to a recent disciplinary action. MDF Law is investigating the former New York City-based financial professional for similar conduct. We urge investors with concerns about their accounts to contact us as soon as possible.  […]

Marty Valade Involved in Excessive Trading Dispute


Marty Valade (CRD# 1532673), a broker registered with Woodbury Financial Services, is embroiled in an investor dispute alleging excessive trades. MDF Law is investigating the Cypress, California-based broker, who does business as Murphy Financial Services, for similar conduct. Investors who have concerns should contact us immediately.  More information about his background and alleged misconduct can […]

Mario Divita Suspended by FINRA


Mario Divita (CRD# 1504199) was recently sanctioned by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) over alleged supervisory failures. According to his FINRA BrokerCheck report, last accessed on December 15, 2021, Mr. Divita is registered with Traderfield Securities in Flushing, New York. FINRA: Mario Divita Failed to Detect Red Flags of Excessive Trading In November 2021 […]