Jeffrey Dampf Accused of Stealing from Elderly Clients


Jeffrey Dampf (CRD 5676205) has been accused of stealing money from elderly clients according to records from FINRA reviewed January 5, 2022. Dampf was most recently registered with PFS Investments as well as Primerica in Totowa, New Jersey.

Jeffrey Dampf “Resigns” September 2021

Based on records reviewed from FINRA, PFS Investments allowed Jeffrey Dampf to resign and placed the following disclosure on his license, “We received an information request from FINRA indicating that Dampf may have been charged with felonies relating to taking money from the elderly. We had no such information and were unable to locate any publicly available information to confirm or refute the alleged charges.”

Jeffrey Dampf Refuses to Cooperate with FINRA’s Investigation

After resigning from PFS Investments, Dampf refused to cooperate with FINRA’s investigation into the allegations against him. He was subsequently barred. Here is the order barring him:

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