Pro Bono Is not the Same as Contingency

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There are different types of attorney fee arrangements, including, but not limited to, pro bono, contingency fees, \ retainer fees, statutory fees, and flat fees.

Understanding Annuity Death Benefits

Annuity death benefits are not guaranteed. It depends on how the annuity’s payout phase is structured. From a tax perspective, annuities might not be the best option for your beneficiaries.

Horizon Ponzi Scheme Investors and The Case for Individual FINRA Arbitrations

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Print this ArticleIn August 2021, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a complaint and an emergency motion for an asset freeze against John Woods, Southport Capital and Horizon Private Equity Fund. In that complaint, the SEC alleged that John Woods and other employees at Southport Capital operated Horizon Private Equity as a ponzi scheme. The […]

What investors need to know about Trading Interruptions

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Print this ArticleTrading Interruptions:  What Investors Need to Know about Broker and Exchange Outages and Restrictions   As an investor, you’ve likely grown accustomed to dealing with periods of volatility.  However, the pandemic and other recent events have created even higher levels of uncertainty for market participants, especially in early 2020. Statistics show just how much […]